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If you disagree with us, you are part of the problem.

Meet the team

Meet the Metal Matters team

Metal Matters is a radical collective that brings new and important views to the metal scene that have been lacking for some time. We give a voice to those who have been marginalized by the metal community since its inception. We do not apologize for our stances and we believe in our mission with the utmost fervor. If you find this uncomfortable, good. Metal needs to join the 21st century and if you disagree, you are part of the problem.

That gut check you just got was the first step in your journey toward confronting your own privilege and the inequities inherent to the metal scene. These are the authors you’ll be reading on Metal Matters.

The Void


The Void is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a Master’s Degree in Anthropology. Unlike so many others, she was actually able to experience first-hand the tumultuous rise of the speed/thrash metal scene in the Bay Area in the early 1980s. And on that note, The Void refuses to call bands like Slayer or Sodom “thrash” because to her, thrash refers to music like D.R.I. that is a combination of speed metal and hardcore punk, i.e. what most people call “crossover thrash” today. The Void is the head editor of Metal Matters and brings a highly relevant and diverse perspectve to the disproportionately white world of metal. She is particularly interested in the curiously silenced and ignored voices of color that were instrumental in shaping the early metal scene.

NOTE: Due to the terms of an out-of-court settlement for a (highly unjust and unfounded) defamation lawsuit, The Void is currently precluded from publishing any statements relating to Dave Mustaine or Megadeth with the exception of a disclaimer stating as much.

Lance Brock


Lance is a musician with deep ties to the Milwaukee powerviolence/grind scene. He has played drums for bands that have opened for bands that have opened for Nails and Magrudergrind. In Lance’s opinion, the greatest metal albums of all time are (in this order) Entombed’s Left Hand Path, Entombed’s Clandestine, Entombed’s Wolverine Blues, Nails’ Abandon All Life, and Converge’s Jane Doe. Lance understands and accepts that he needs to broaden his horizons musically, and of course his current top 5 is subject to change.



TRIGGER WARNING: Nikki’s bio discusses graphic incidents of online harrassment.


Nikki is a long-time editor of the Geek Feminism Wiki and a major contributor to the comments sections of websites like Jezebel, TheMarySue, and Bustle. Nikki was targeted for harrassment on various social media platforms and now no longer provides her last name or contact information to the public. Please do not contact anybody affiliated with Metal Matters asking for personally identifiable information about Nikki because we will not give it to you. Do not contact Metal Matters with comments about Nikki’s articles or reviews as these will not be forwarded to her.

With that out of the way, Nikki has been a fan of metal since 2015 but has yet to find her exact niche as most metal subgenres present as very exclusionary. Nikki is a meticulous researcher who has gone to great pains over the last 10 months to really understand metal by reading as much information as possible about different bands and scenes. While she does not listen to much metal, she is very well acquainted with the problematic nature of the genre and provides a much-needed and much-silenced perspective on the darker side of metal.